Protect Booking Revenue

Hostfi Trust Vault Accounts are owned by property owners, but offer short-term rental property manager access for additional transparency, control, security, & insurance eligibility.

Hostfi is a financial technology company, not a bank. Services provided by the Stripe Payments Company with funds held at Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

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Find Total FDIC Insurance Eligibility for Managed Booking Revenue

Use the slider below to see your total FDIC insurance for booking revenue from your managed properties based on your number of property owners with separate trust vault accounts using the standard $250K FDIC insurance eligibility limit per property owner.

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500 Property Owners

Total FDIC Insurance Eligibility Amount: $12,500,000

Increased FDIC Insurance-Eligiblity Across All Property Owners

Allow your property owners to create Hostfi Trust Vault accounts that can be insured up to $250K each thanks to our trusted partner bank instead of using one standard trust account for all owners.

Auto-Route Payouts to Trust Vaults Instantly

Eliminate your trustee risk and offer real-time payout access to owners. Hostfi will auto-route booking payouts from sources like Airbnb, VRBO, and Stripe to the correct Trust Vault account, thanks to integrations with your property management system.

Full Manager Access to Debit Funds & Review Transactions

Property managers connect their Hostfi operating account to all their owner's trust vault accounts to allow for instant fund transfers for management fees, reimbursements, and guest refunds. Manager can review all transactions in their dashboard as well.

A More Transparent Short-Term Rental Manager Banking Setup

Avoid Trustee Risk and Complicated Compliance

With Hostfi Trust Vault Accounts, you no longer directly hold property owner funds avoiding the large liability and accounting issues of traditional trusts.

Instant Fund Transfers from Hostfi Trust Vault Accounts to Hostfi Manager Operating Accounts

Managers have instant access to funds for guest refunds, property expense reimbursements, and management fees.

Real-Time Notifications for Property Owners & Managers

Visibility into all incoming and outgoing payments and transfers. Managers automatically have linked Vault Trust Account transactions appear in their dashboard.

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How it works

How to get started as a short-term rental property manager with Hostfi Trust Vault accounts.


Open a Hostfi Operating Account

In just 5-10 minutes, you can verify your identity and create an FDIC Insurance-Eligible Hostfi Operating Account, issue team and contractor Visa Commercial cards to manage expenses across all properties with no fees and cashback rewards.

Get Started

Add Your Property Owners for Hostfi to Invite

Add your list of your property owners including their contact information and associated property names/addresses. Hostfi will invite them via e-mail with secure access codes.

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Property Owners Create Linked Hostfi Trust Vault Accounts

Property owners each sign up online in 5 minutes for FDIC Insurance-Eligible Trust Vault accounts that are automatically linked to your Hostfi Operating Account. Booking payouts are then automatically routed into their Trust Vault Accounts. For property owners who have not created Trust Vault Accounts, Hostfi allows you to automatically default to standard trust accounts.

Avoid Common Trust Account Risks

Hostfi Trust Vault Accounts protect you from a variety of potential current risks to your business.

Avoiding Uninsured Payouts

Incoming payouts across Hostfi Trust Vault Accounts are insurance-eligible by the FDIC (up to $250k per owner with separate account) thanks to our trusted partner bank.

No Commingled Funds

Every property owner has control over their own funds instantly on payout and managers do not run the risk of combining payouts between owners in one account.

No Owner Financial Questions

Owners now have visibility into the most important source of truth for their property cashflow, their account where they store their funds.

Enroll in the new standard for short-term rental accounts. Talk to the Hostfi team.