The Next Evolution of Short-Term Rental Banking

Smoother expense management and fine-tuned accounting automation - your short-term rental management company deserves it all.

Hostfi is a financial technology company, not a bank. Services provided by the Stripe Payments Company with funds held at Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.


How it works


A Regulated Partner Bank Is Our Foundation

Hostfi isn't technically a bank — but you would never know it. We partner with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and established in 1925 to store deposits.

Working with a regulated partner bank provides us secure access to the U.S. banking system and allows us to focus on building unique features and products for short-term rental managers.

Our primary criteria in selecting a partner bank included a U.S.-based institution that is federally regulated (to serve customers in all states), strong financial health (robust capital ratios, stable assets, and profitable track record), diverse deposit sources (not concentrated in one industry or customer type), and a shared goal of building next-generation banking products.

Overall, your Hostfi experience is crafted around a bank account, the ultimate source of truth for your cashflow and finances. To give you the best possible experience, we've kept a stable and secure foundation through our partner bank, cut out fees and complicated software, and made easy-to-use features that save you precious time as a short-term rental manager.

Evolve Bank & Trust's FDIC Listing

A Financial Leader for Secure Hostfi Payments & Account Servicing is Our Core

Hostfi's payments infrastructure, card issuing, and identity verification are underpinned by Stripe, which is on track to process $1 Trillion in payments worldwide this year. When you verify your identity when opening an account with Hostfi, link external financial accounts, send ACH/wire payments through Hostfi, or use Hostfi's Visa Commercial Cards, you also benefit from Stripe's industry-leading security and payments expertise.

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Custom-Built Short-Term Rental Financial Features

Building on a solid foundation and core banking from our partners, Hostfi can focus on creating a short-term rental industry-leading financial experience for you including the following features below.

What we offer

FDIC Insurance-Eligible Operating and Trust Accounts.

Manage and store booking revenue across accounts and properties easily.

Visa Commercial Cards for Employees & Contractors

Every cardholder can tag expenses across hundreds of properties with just one card easily. Set custom limits.

Accounting & Property Management System Integrations

Sync expenses to Quickbooks. Categorize booking payouts by property and reservation status. Automatically.

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