Airbnb Automation: 10 Ways To Automate Your Business Now

Airbnb Automation: 10 Ways To Automate Your Business Now

By the day, the vacation rental market is getting more competitive. And in order for the hosts and property managers to cope with the workload, they are considering automation. 

Airbnb automation can dramatically increase the rate of your occupancy by up to 80% and can help you save up to 70% of your time on routine operations. 

Read on to find out 10 ways on how you can automate your Airbnb business.

Airbnb Automation - What It Means

Put simply, it is the process of streamlining recurring and daily tasks, which minimizes costs and increases efficiency. These include adjusting pricing, responding to messages of the guest, writing reviews about the guest, updating the booking calendar, coordinating cleanings, and more. The automation functionality takes care of performing many of your daily operations so that you can focus on other things. 

Benefits of Using Airbnb Automation

  • Increase of Occupancy Rate and Revenue: Automation enables a faster response time for booking and message replies.

  • Business Growth: Automation can help accelerate the growth of your rental business through streamlined vital business activities, enabling you to spend valuable time on scaling and business development.

  • Productivity Increase: With automation in place, you can be certain that your business needs are properly met all at once.

  • Save Time: No need to spend much of your time on routine tasks, allowing you to set aside more time on vital aspects of the business.

Automating Airbnb Management

With the use of Proptech (Property Technology), an application of information and platform economics to real estate markets, hosts can automate their businesses and capitalize on bookings, as well as increase efficiency. 

Aside from this, there are many software solutions and tools that are available which can automate every management function, including messaging, creating cleaning tasks, report production, and calendar synchronization. 

1. Vacation Rental Software

Having multiple listings on one platform can become a real headache, causing the host’s level of anxiety to increase due to double bookings or missed cleaning schedules. 

This can be avoided by automating every aspect of the hosting routine—thanks to technological advancement.

  • Calendar synchronization across multiple platforms, preventing double booking
  • Creation of essential business performance report
  • Managing direct bookings through a direct booking management toolset
  • Organizing the messages  into a single feed with the help of a unified inbox
  • Managing multiple listings and accounts from a single dashboard
  • Automating guest communication as well as the process of leaving guest reviews
  • Generating invoices and receiving payouts 

2. Smart Amenities for Enhanced Guest Experience

Going above and beyond basic hosting can lead to the success of your business. The current driving force within the travel industry is Millenials and Gen Z, and providing modern and technology-driven amenities can surely enhance their stay experience.

  • Google Wi-Fi: Makes home devices stay connected, with the benefit of remote management of the internet connection and access permission.

  • Home Temperature Automation Units: These units ensure that the guests have optimal comfort. A home temperature unit, like Nest, can automate the cooling and heating temperature of your property. Installing a smart thermostat will enable you to monitor the temperature from your mobile phone.

  • Sensors: Consider putting sensors in place to help automate routine activities, such as motion sensors for lights, turning them off when not in use, saving you money on your electric bill.

3. Automate Cleanings

Guests often expect a hotel-quality level of cleanliness upon arriving at your property, which can be time-consuming. But don't worry anymore -- you can now preset cleanings and be sure that your property is in tip-top condition for the arrival of your guests. 

  • Airbnb Cleaning Service: In just a couple of hours, a professional cleaning company will make your property look spotless from top to bottom. However, bear in mind that their prices are higher, and this could scare off money-conscious guests. On the bright side, your place will be immaculately clean - worthy of a five-star review.

4. Airbnb Review Automation

As a busy host, you may not have enough time to leave reviews for your guests. This, on the other hand, may cause them to be reluctant to write their reviews for you as well. Leaving a review is essential in earning as many positive reviews as possible, which will rank you higher on Airbnb and alllow you to attract more guests.

  • Review Templates: Templates can save you time in writing reviews from scratch, allowing you to compile documents with the most standard reviews you usually post and record some of the great examples of 5- and 4-star reviews as well. 

  • Vacation Rental Software Review Automation Feature: Other management software offers a special feature that enables hosts to streamline their reviews.

5. Airbnb Check-In Automation


Automating check-ins can make your life as a host much easier. Automation can dramatically cut the time required for key exchanges. 

  • Smart Locks: One of the newest options for vacation rental properties. It offers better security for your business by allowing entry access when it receives a wireless signal from a verified phone.

6. Automated Pricing Management

One of the key points of a successful business is pricing, and the best solution is to drive revenue growth while staying competitive. 

  • Dynamic Pricing Tool: It employs a dynamic pricing strategy based on market-related data. It generates optimal pricing plans in seconds using its built-in algorithms. The algorithms will analyze the most relevant criteria and use them to auto-generate a new price every 24 hours.

7. Guest Communication Automation

Communication is vital in your Airbnb platform’s success, as the platform takes into consideration the response rate when granting a Superhost status. Besides, a prompt response can gain you more reservations. 

  • Airbnb Email Autoresponder: You can set up automated messages to provide quick responses to the queries for a more efficient Airbnb automation management. 

  • Message Templates: This comprises the major states of the booking process, such as inquiry, booking confirmation, and others. You can create a list of your standard responses and save them on Google Docs or Spreadsheet for easier access.

8. Setup NoiseAware

Keeping your neighbors happy will surely increase the success rate of your business. This neat little gadget will inform you when the noise level inside your home has increased to a point at which it might start disturbing others. After initial setup, your time will only be needed to make a phone call or send a message to the guest on the rare occasion that you receive an alert.

9. Setup Hostfully

This will provide your guests with an electronic guidebook that will help them make the most of their stay. This service will save you lots of time.

10. Hire Repairs and Maintenance Team

Things will always have the tendency to break or deteriorate over time, no matter how diligent you are with your properties. Although you don’t need to secure a team in advance, it surely is a good idea. Whenever an issue arises, you can automatically dispatch the team for repair. 

Wrapping Up

Managing properties is hard work and requires many people. Technology can never replace property managers, yet there are tools out there that can assist them with their responsibilities. It’s undeniable that these tools can help your business grow, and you should take advantage of them.