Smart Expense Management for Vacation Rental Managers

Save 1/3 of accounting hours, $1,000 per property in lost reimbursable expenses yearly, and automate expense management

Hostfi is a financial technology company, not a bank. Services provided by the Stripe Payments Company with funds held at Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

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What we offer

FDIC-Insurance Eligible Operating & Trust Accounts

Manage and store booking revenue across accounts and properties easily.

Visa Commercial Cards for Employees & Contractors

Every cardholder can tag expenses across hundreds of properties with just one card easily. Set custom limits.

Accounting & Property Management System Integrations

Sync expenses to Quickbooks. Categorize booking payouts by property and reservation status. Automatically.

Automated Expense Management

Custom-built to save 1/3 of monthly time on bookkeeping and accounting.

Add Receipts & Tag Properties Via Text

When you use your card, we'll text you to attach a receipt and fill out details easily without a login or app needed.

Auto-Sync to Quickbooks & Other Accounting Platforms

Send all transactions (expenses, payouts, balances) automatically with property, tax category, and GL codes included.

Reconcile Payouts & PMS Reservation Data

We connect with your PMS so every payout into your account is auto-tagged by property name, reservation status, and booking dates without any extra work from you.

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Client feedback

I can now efficiently manage expenses across 100+ properties with just one Hostfi card!

Laura - NC STR Property Manager

Hostfi has made it simple to run a large short-term property management firm and optimize my finances.

Nancy - FL STR Property Manager

Being able to automatically help with income and expenses across all of our properties has saved countless hours.

Ed - CA STR Property Manager